Atlanta Bed Bug Domain for Sale
One Treament Eradication Process

Bed Bugs Removal With Heat Treatment


We can eradicate your bedbug problem with a one trip sollution

Not with several treatments like exterminating companies provide.

We use the Green Technology to remediate your bed bug problems.  Our Green Technology is not only the fastest method to returning your life back to normal but it’s the safest and the only TOTAL proven remediation method that is available.

The bedbug problem in our country is at pandemic levels.  It’s just not a problem for the hospitality industry anymore. Home owners, travelers (plane and train seats), retail shops and college dorms are now even affected by this blood sucking pest that seeks you out at night.  This has been the preverbal “BOOGEYMAN” for the hospitality industry for years.  Modern day pesticides are not strong enough, rouge pest control companies that are not educated in this process are either using outside pesticides indoor or not treating the problem properly. 

Atlanta Bedbugs, a Georgia Clean Company has the track proven green technology to rid this problem.  The old way was to use pesticides wrap the entire room of contents in plastic and haul it away in an isolated roll of container.  Costing the hotels anywhere from $5,000 - $20,000 to treat and remodel a single room (price depending on room contents and value). We at Atlanta Bedbugs can save you 80-90% of that cost by using our Thermal Induction Process. 

Bed bugs feed on humans, usually at night when they are asleep. They feed by piercing the skin with their elongated mouthparts, which consist of two stylets that normally fold under their body when at rest but fully extend during blood-meal feeding. One stylet has a groove that carries saliva into the wound, while the other has a groove through which body fluids from the host are taken in.

A single feeding may take up to 10 minutes, and feels like a pin prick, but because feeding usually occurs at night when people are asleep they are not aware they have been bitten until afterwards. However, saliva injected during the feeding can later produce large swellings on the skin that itch and may become irritated and infected when scratched. Swelling may not develop until a day or more after feeding, and some people do not show symptoms. Bed bugs currently are not considered to be disease carriers.

In addition to the direct injury to humans, bed bugs have stink glands that leave odors. They also leave unsightly fecal spots on bed sheets and around their hiding places. These spots are darkish red in color, roughly round, and can be very small.

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